Thunder in the Rockies


The work of our AAUP chapters in Colorado’s community college system has been in the headlines recently and will continue to be so. It shows how the small, sparky things we do (staffing hallway membership tables, distributing our crossword puzzles, bookmarks, fliers, cookbooks, etc.) can lead to lightning bolts of change. Briefly, here is what is happening.

In September, Nate Bork, an adjunct faculty member at Community College of Aurora, was dismissed well into the fall semester. The circumstances of that dismissal have sparked a Committee A investigation of CCA. As outlined in the AAUP press release announcing the investigation, “The stated reason was a lack of effectiveness in implementing a required ‘curriculum redesign’ for the introductory philosophy class he was teaching. Bork’s dismissal occurred soon after he asked his administrative superiors to review a letter he sent to the Higher Learning Commission, the college’s accreditor. The letter he…

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