So You Want to Be a Tenured Ally



You’re tenured or on the tenure-track, and you would like to help out your non-tenure-track colleagues, but you’re not sure how. Oh, sure, you sign petitions online sometimes and maybe you’ve heard of some other suggestions, like including adjuncts and full-time NTTs on the department website, suggestions that you may or may not be able to implement. Mostly, you feel both good-will and guilt, and a sense of helplessness as you believe that the only real way to help adjuncts and NTTs is to pay them better, somehow – and even if you’re a tenured department head, there’s not much you personally can do about that.

But there is a way you can help, and it starts with recognizing that adjuncts and NTTs will never get fair pay as long as their work is seen as inferior. And the work of contingent faculty is seen as inferior because it is…

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