Hall of Fame and Hope: “It’s Built on Your Backs.” -President Robert Knight

Majority Rule

by Tiffany Kraft

reconciliatio-Kraft&baum The system that’s been built on adjuncts’ backs is broken, and there are other ways to contain costs and fund instruction.

We typically don’t read much about adjunct relations with college presidents, and maybe this is because they’re fairly non-existent, staged at a distance, or reactionary (negative). Wanting to get to the crux of the issue, I consulted former Dean and fellow Adjunct Activist Robert Craig Baum; specifically, I asked Dr. Baum: (1) “How can adjuncts proactively engage administration and impact policy when we are intentionally marginalized? (2) Do you see a way in, short of demanding a seat at the table?”

Here is his response:

 (1) Across the ‘00s, myself and a handful of adjuncts at the Community College System of New Hampshire (primarily River Valley and NHTI) built strong relationships with Executive Teams. Most of us had worked for Ivy League or Big Ten colleges…

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