Smug, Smarmy, Self-Satisfied White Guy Schools His University Colleagues on Why They Aren’t Winners Like Him

Oh, the antis…

Una Vita Vagabonda

Jason Brennan, an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, tells adjunct professors across the country that they could always “get a job at GEICO” if they don’t like teaching conditions in today’s Ayn Rand-approved American university system.

In an editorial originally published on the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog (and since removed), “National Adjunct Walkout Day: Should We Feel Sorry for Adjuncts?” [or download a .pdf here], Brennan opines that

“[a]djuncts are people who played what they should have known, and in most cases did know, was a risky game, and lost. They are not like sweatshop workers in the third world who have no better options. They are more like formerly rich people who understand statistics, but who decided to bet the house in Vegas anyways. When they lose — even though they lose in a corrupt [and] unfair system — it’s hard to feel sorry for them. After all…

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