Duquesne Adjunct Faculty Threatened with Termination for Testifying Truthfully under Oath



Writing for In These Times, Moshe E. Harvit reports that in a brief filed with the NLRB supporting its opposition to being forced to recognize and negotiate with the union organized by its adjunct faculty, Duquesne University explicitly acknowledged the truthfulness of the adjuncts’ testimony before the NLRB by threatening to terminate them for it.

In the wake of the NLRB’s landmark ruling in the earlier case involving Pacific Lutheran University, the several Duquesne adjuncts were asked if their willingness to directly support the religious mission of Duquesne University was directly involved in their hiring or their teaching. When they testified that it was never even mentioned during the hiring process and that there was never any indication that it should somehow be explicitly incorporated into, nevermind emphasized in, their classroom teaching, the University responded by stating in writing that it would likely be replacing those adjuncts with others who…

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