Adjuncts Push for Change in Colorado

Great news from Don Eron in Colorado.


This is a guest post from Don Eron, who recently retired from the University of Colorado Boulder as a senior instructor in writing and rhetoric. He is a member of the AAUP’s Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure.

In Denver this week, SB15-094, the Colorado AAUP conference’s latest iteration of “equal pay for equal work” community college legislation, was defeated on a party line 3–2 vote before the state senate Veteran’s, Military, and State Affairs Committee. Realistically, however, this legislation was defeated on the first Tuesday in November, when the Republicans regained control of the state senate, 18–17.

Judging from the high spirits afterward at the Denver Press Club, where many of our supporters gathered, I may have been the only one disappointed at the result. The mood was invigorated (and invigorating). Although this specific piece of legislation failed, we can count many successes in our campaign—and we…

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