The academic equivalent of a corporate campaign.

Just saw this! As the saying goes, “At Northern it can ALWAYS get worse.” Great to know others are observing the chaos here and know it is wrong. Sometimes it can feel like an anti-gravity chamber.


Does your university have troubles? At the risk of turning this post into the academic equivalent of Monty Python’s “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch, your school probably has nothing on Northern New Mexico College. The situation there has come up before onthisblog, and to summarize let’s just say their administration hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory. To keep it short, I’ll simply note that they’ve already passed most universities’ nightmare scenario of laying off tenured faculty and are now charting new ground.

I know about this story because I follow the work of a dedicated group of individuals who call themselves the Northern New Mexico College Study Group and who have been blogging this horror show for some time now. The latest post there is a tour de force of informed dissent against the policies of President Nancy “Rusty” Barcelo:

In 2014, the NNMC Study Group assembled a…

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