It Is Time for Some Real Accountability

Agreed! “It is time to demand some real accountability—from everyone whose interests are being served by the current mess.”


In a feature article for University Business, Ioanna Opidee provides an overview of the major trends related to postsecondary teaching that we might expect in 2015.

Opidee focuses on what she asserts will be four increasing areas of emphasis:

1. Academic Return on Investment

2. Competencies at the Core

3. Flipped Classrooms and Evolving MOOCs

4. Data and Metrics

Let’s look at each of these areas, in terms of what Opidee emphasizes and what ought to be emphasized.

1. Opidee is correct, I think, in forecasting that as the out-of-pocket cost of higher education increases, politicians will contain to bemoan what they perceive as the continuing “inefficiencies” on the instructional side and the “disappointing outcomes.”

So I think that it is time for faculty to start aggressively publicizing a number of real truths:

–that the same politicians who are being so critical of the performance of our colleges and…

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