BEI Survey: Working in the Shadows: Engaging Adjunct Faculty

The Business Education Insider

AdjunctsIn this installation of BEI’s research on business school engagement, we focus on a topic that is receiving increasing attention in the media, namely, the role of adjunct professors in business school education. In theory, adjunct professors offer institutions a win-win situation. As contract employees, adjuncts often help business schools achieve their educational goals while easing the budgetary constraints created by year-to-year variations in enrollments. Further, adjuncts are typically working professionals who bring an immediate relevancy to the classroom, helping to make direct connections for students to the “real world” and substantially influencing student learning. Adjuncts themselves often benefit from being associated with the university as well, which lends professional credibility and builds their networks.

Yet, the steady rise in the deployment of adjunct professors across universities has brought considerable controversy regarding their use and, sadly, abuse. Although beyond the scope of this research brief, several media and federal reports…

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