End of the semester self-care list

Adventures of a Part Time Wheeler

It’s the end of the semester, so I’m incredibly busy between writing, last minute research-related stuff (ugh transcription), stats….and my usual healthwork schedule.  I figured I would steal a few minutes to post and show what I’m trying to do for self-care so I don’t completely fry out (and maybe some of these things will help other people….that would be awesome).  Hopefully this makes as much sense as I think it does!

  1. Eat.  As much real food as possible.  Seriously.  This is the time of year where I eat really strangely.  Part of this is because I tend to do a lot of writing in diners and restaurants (it’s an easy way to force myself to not tinker around on the internet when I should be working).  The other side of this is I will forget to eat if I’m not writing in various eateries or coffee shops.  I’ll find…

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