On Noel Jackson’s nightmare at MIT.


Getting to “know” other academics on Twitter is a very strange process. First you follow the ones you know. Then you follow the most interesting people who they “know,” and by then other folks who they follow who you don’t know have started following you.

One of the people I’ve gotten to “know” through this process is an MIT literature professor named Noel Jackson. Throughout this semester, me and about 3000 of his “friends” (to borrow a term from another social media platform) have been watching an absolutely horrifying story unfold on his Twitter feed. As far as I know, this story from today’s Daily Beast is the first time that anything about it has appeared in the mainstream media:

Turns out, someone was apparently paying attention to his tweets. The next day, Jackson fired off a tweet before 9 am: “I was roused from bed this morning by 4-6…

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