Who won the US congress mid-term elections? – the no vote party again

Michael Roberts Blog

Who won the elections? The Republicans! Well, yes. But the real winners were yet again the no vote party. We don’t yet have the turnout of voters for the 2014 mid-term Congressional elections, but it is probably around just 40% of those of voting age.

voter turnout

That means that 60% of adult Americans did not reckon that it mattered who won. A plague on both your houses – Republican or Democrat; Senate or House – that was their’ cry. This is the real message of the election. For most voters the failure of the Obama administration to restore the incomes of average Americans since the end of Great Recession in 2009 is only matched by the incompetence and downright complacency of the previous Bush administration to see the slump coming and do anything about it, except to bail out the bankers and other crooks who triggered it.

There has been a…

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