It’s Not All About Salaita…

For many of us, this is already the case – “The answer is simple: Both shared governance and academic freedom are, if the Wise decision stands, essentially shams.”


…certainly not about the content of his tweets or of his character. Among other things, it’s about whether or not being scheduled to teach with students actually enrolled constitutes “hiring.” And that’s not a question any of us should have any disagreement on.

Questions we on the faculty need to ask certainly include concern over the impact on us–as a group and as individuals–of what happened to Steven Salaita. As a group, it has an impact on our position within a supposed “shared governance” environment and on how the faculty is viewed both on campus and in the wider community–on whether or not there is respect for the “academic freedom” we find so necessary. As individuals, it can make us pull back a bit on our public involvement and even make us a little leery of pulling up stakes and moving to another institution. It is this, if nothing else, that should…

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