Online Education: The Great American Class Divider

Educating McStudent: the fast food approach to online education.



Here we go again.  And there’s more.  Corinthian Colleges, after having dashed any academic hopes of its students, is now also accused of predatory lending.  That the wake and fiasco continue should come as no surprise, as online education continues to be the equivalent of fast food in many instances–too convenient and advertised with the same kind of veracity that makes prospective customers drool for a woman in a bikini or burger.

Obviously students putting themselves like prey into the hands of Corinthian hunters was not a good idea.  Students had bait laid out for them as in many commercials for online education.  The prospective student is portrayed at home or in a dead-end job.  Then a bright, wide open space, some kind of fantasy office world to which the online student has graduated to become the boss.

As if one could really take one’s own future into one’s own…

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