Shared Governance Failure at Santa Fe Community College

Follow-up to the Academe article. Santa Fe Community College-AAUP


This is a guest post by Miranda Merklein, a contributor to the recent September-October issue of Academe. Merklein is the acting president of the Santa Fe Community College-AAUP chapter, where she works as an adjunct professor. She also teaches at Northern New Mexico College. Follow her on Twitter @MirandaMerklein.

The organizing drive really picked up over the summer, after the Santa Fe Community College’s administration surprised the SFCC community with news of a five million dollar budget shortfall. This news was announced on August 5 in two talks given by Interim President Randy Grissom–as attendance at the first meeting exceeded fire code capacity, in which security guards were stationed at the doors to turn aggravated employees away, so a second meeting was scheduled–and laid out in a simple PowerPoint presentation. Immediately following the president’s talk, the “Financial Stability Plan” (FSB) that called for immediate layoffs, salary cuts…

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