“Killer Cop” Competition Comes to Albuquerque

We are not honored.

La Jicarita


Anti-police violence activists in Albuquerque are calling it the “Killer Cop” competition.

Officially it’s called the National Police Shooting Championships and it’s been held each September since 1962. The competition, sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA), brings together current and former law enforcement officers from throughout the U.S. to to see who’s the best at the use of lethal weaponry.

NRA_Logo_JPGFor the past eight years, the event has been held in Albuquerque where, since 2010, Albuquerque Police Department (APD) officers have killed 27 people. An April 2014 report by the US Department of Justice concluded that APD routinely engages in unconstitutional policing and most of the killings were unjustified

A number of activists told La Jicarita that the tournament celebrates the kind of heavily criticized militarized policing witnessed this year in places like Albuquerque and Ferguson, MO., where a spate of unjustified police killings have drawn huge…

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