NNMC uses intimidation, bias, and ignorance to shape policies

Burque's Daily Loco


The total disintegration of Northern New Mexico College continues. Our friends at the Northern New Mexico College Study Group exposed some commentary about an August 14, 2014 illegal NNMC Regents Retreat meeting, which violated requirements the Open Meetings Act. (full audio available from NNMC Study Group by request)

In the meeting, the Board of Regents can be heard repeatedly degrading students from the Espanola Valley area:

Regent Martinez complained, “Procrastination is part of the culture itself [in the Valley].”

He also explained that retention rates were low because, “We get students who can’t do fractions. We have a large population of students… with certain deficits.” Chair Garcia agreed with Martinez adding, “They’re not mature enough.”

According to the NNMC Study Group, Board Member Branch reaffirmed his belief that the program and faculty cuts were wise.  “Do you need an AA to work at Jiffy Lube?” asked Branch

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