Board of Trustees Officially Votes Against Salaita, and Salaita Responds

This is a war on all of us. All tiers. All classifications. Faculty, stand up!!!


The University of Illinois Board of Trustees just concluded a meeting at which they formally voted to reject the appointment of Steven Salaita. However, the vote was not unanimous. Trustee James Montgomery, who had earlier signed the letter endorsing the dismissal of Salaita, changed his mind: “I think I made a mistake, and I don’t mind saying it.” Montgomery recalled being a student at the Urbana campus 55 years ago when the university embraced housing discrimination against African-Americans and noted, “I guess I was almost as vocal as Professor Salaita when I carried my picket signs around this campus.”

Other trustees disagreed. Patrick Fitzgerald argued that Salaita’s presence “might chill 18-year-olds from coming on campus” and said that the Board should intervene because “shared governance means everyone plays a role on campus.”

UPDATE: Salaita has responded to the Board’s decision:

I am disappointed in the majority of the Trustees and the action…

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