An Open Letter to Allan Bense, Florida State University Board of Trustees Chair, and Florida Governor Rick Scott

A valiant, student-powered effort to keep the corporate psychopathy out of Higher Ed.


Dear Chairman Bense and Governor Scott:

The battle over FSU’s next President seems to have slowed, except that the FSU Board of Trustees (BOT) has silently “postponed” its Aug. 26th meeting. This meeting was the last chance for Chair Allan Bense to answer the overwhelming call to restructure the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) before the selection process starts in September. Currently, Chair Bense’s PSAC is comprised of 26% faculty/student seats, while 64% represent corporate/political interests. Chair Bense and 14 other non-academic members voted in May, against all students and faculty, to accept Sen. John Thrasher as the sole candidate for consideration without as much as an application. Interestingly, Sen. Thrasher is running the reelection campaign of Gov. Rick Scott, the same Governor who appointed Bense as Chair of BOT.

Chair Bense also chairs the Board of Directors of the James Madison Institute (JMI). JMI is heavily funded by the…

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