Northern Board member wants to consider punishing teachers for suggesting students purchase textbooks elsewhere

The Northern Issue

Second article to come out this week in the Rio Grande Sun

Ralph Chapoco

July 30, 2014

Rio Grande Sun

Northern New Mexico College is trying to find revenue wherever it can, even when it means telling students where to purchase school supplies.

The Board and administration officials discussed the issue at its July 17 Board of Finance meeting.

“We (Northern) bought 200,000 (textbooks) that sat on the shelf because professors were saying ‘You don’t need the book, don’t bother,’” Vice President of Finance Domingo Sanchez said. “We are monitoring that so close now and even in the summer, we got word that students were saying, ‘We don’t have to buy it’, and we (Northern) were asked to buy the book (for the professors).”

When he heard about the practice, Northern Regent Board Member Michael Branch weighed in.

“What, these professors are requiring them (students) to buy the books and…

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